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ServSafe Essentials 5th edServSafe® classroom training are conducted regularly at the institute led by in-house Certified ServSafe Instructors.The course uses the ServSafe Essentials 5th Edition textbook, and is structured to include the information your workforce will need to prepare for ANSI-CFP accredited exams, and perform on the job.

The Institute would like to commend the exceptional performance of ;

  • Diploma Student Harvey Enriquez for garnering 95% and
  • Certificate Student Allan Bayungan for garnering 96%

in the 2009 ServSafe Food Protection Manager Licensure Examinations.

Course Outline

Why ServSafe Training?

  • Because you need the highest standard of food safety training and certification.
  • Because the ServSafe Program has evolved to meet the most urgent food safety training challenges in our industry.
  • Because ServSafe is a better way to learn. It’s more engaging, for greater comprehension and better application.
  • Because the ServSafe Program has training options to fit your needs.
  • Because food safety impacts your customers, your employees and your business. With so much on the line, the right preparation means everything.

Why ServSafe Certification?

ServSafe® Training and Certification

  • Because the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP).
  • Because the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is valid, reliable and legally defensible.
  • Because it’s certification the industry trusts. In fact, more than 3 million ServSafe Food Protection Manager certifications have been awarded to date.
  • Because ServSafe Certification meets the needs of today’s diverse industry. Written examination booklets are offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French Canadian and large print. Online exams are offered in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Learning Outcome for Managers

What your managers will learn with ServSafe® food safety training.

 Managers need to know food safety and the critical importance of its role. And they need to learn how to share food safety knowledge with every employee. ServSafe gives them the knowledge and tools to do just that.


  • Sanitation :Managers will learn the dangers of foodborne illness, how to prevent it and the keys to food safety. They’ll see where contamination starts, the components for good personal hygiene, and how every employee can be a safe foodhandler.
  • The Flow of Food Through the Operation: Managers will discover how to prevent cross-contamination, and how to utilize time and temperature control effectively. They’ll get the inside story on safe receiving, food storage, preparation and serving, and cooling and reheating. They’ll also learn how taking active managerial control of critical foodborne illness risk factors makes all the difference for a safe operation.
  • Sanitary Facilities and Pest Management

    Managers will cover all aspects of cleaning and sanitation in a practical, applicable manner. They’ll also learn about pest management, and how to keep pests out of the operation .

  • Regular Training : Finally, your managers will cover the way to keep employee training ongoing, to keep food safety working in every location.

Schedules and Fees

Please refer to our Calendar & Courses catalogue for availability of classes, fees and schedules.

ServSafe Instructors

ServSafe Certified Instructors & Registered ServSafe Proctors

  • Chef Gabby Prats
  • Chef Allan Bayungan