DFG-Gastronomicom French Dual Diploma

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Study & Work In France

Study and work in Agde, France in full academic partnership with Gastronomicom French Culinary Academy.

1 Michelin Star Status

The school specializes in French Gastronomy, Pastry, and Viticulture.

The Best Accomodation

Students will be housed in full service apartments that are about 15 minutes away from the school.

Paid Internship

Students will receive a monthly allowance of €400 during the entire externship program.

Our standards have met and exceeded that of the well renowned Gastronomicom French Culinary Academy, and as such we are the ONLY culinary school to date in the Philippines that has full academic partnership and direct international affiliation with this distinguished culinary academy in France, the world-renowned state where its cuisine is known as one of the world’s finest and it Chef’s are celebrated for their high culinary and gastronomy standards. A unique 12-month French dual-diploma program exclusively offered by The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat.

Course Content

DFG-Gastronomicom French Dual Diploma Culinary Program


Diplômede la Gastronomie Française
(Diploma in French Gastronomy)

Diplômeen Langue Française
(Diploma in French Languange)


3 months preparatory
Culinary Institute of Aristocrat, Manila

3 months intensive
Gastronomicom, France

6 months PAID externship

Program Overview

Cap d'Agde, France

Cap d'Agde, France

Gastronomicom is located in the south of France, on the Mediterranean coast, within the confides of a four-star beach resort in Cap d’ Agde. Cap d’Agde is the seaside resort of the town of Agde, France,on the Mediterranean sea. Agde can be reached by TGV train direct from Paris. It is 50km from Montpellier, about 3 hours from Barcelona and Cannes. The school specializes in French Gastronomy, Pastry, and Viticulture. The level of teaching at Gastronomicom is adopted to the gastronomic standards of 1 michelin star. All subjects are taught in English, while the externship program with be both French and English.

Classes and Accomodation

Odalys Residence

Odalys Residence

Classes are from 9am to 4pm, Mondays to Fridays, including 3 hour daily intensive French language classes to ensure that students can communicate correctly during the externship program. During the first 3 months in France, while undergoing intensive classes, students will be housed in full service apartments that are about 15 minutes away from the school, with no more than 4 students per apartment, courtesy of Odalys residence.

The Externship Process

Culinary Students

Culinary Students

After the 3 months intensive program at Gastronomicom, France, the school will assist our students in securing transportation from the campus to the designated externship venue (Cost of transportation will be shouldered by the student) and will be provided for with the same or equivalent type of accommodations.


European Externship

During the externship program, students will be immersed in actual kitchen operations of 4 or 5 star rated hotels across Europe, or no less than a 1 Michelin star restaurant. Duty meals and accommodations will be provided for by the designated hotel or restaurant. Students will receive a monthly allowance of €400 during the entire externship program.

The Successful Graduate

Upon Graduation Students will receive,

Graduate Students

Graduate Students

  • A French Diploma in Gastronomy
  • A French Language Diploma
  • An externship certificate (Stating the name of hotel or restaurant and the dates of training encompassed)


Pre-requisites/Entry Requirements

  • 3 week French visa processing with a total fee of about Php 4,800.00. In the event of a denied visa, the visa fee of about Php 2,400 is refundable.
  • Upon application, a student must place a down payment of equivalent to 50% of the total tuition fee as a sincere commitment before French visa processing begins.

Program Cost

Php 550,000.00

Payment Options


  • Php 275,000.00 – Down Payment upon application
  • Php 91,670.00 x 3 post dated bank checks
  • (3 months to pay at 0% interest while undergoing the preparatory program)

Credit Card

  • Visa and MasterCard with up to 12 months deferred payment.

Please go to the Latest Course Fees and Schedule link here.

Career Notes

This is a comprehensive course designed specifically for those students with aspirations of running their own business or continuing with further study.

This course will help you to become employable anywhere in the world. This qualification will give you the skills to become a multi-lingual chef with the opportunity to move into management positions.

Culinary Institute of Aristocrat’s partnership with Gastronomicom International Culinary Academy combines classical French techniques with modern food technology. Students will be required to demonstrate culinary proficiencies at every level of their program. It combines classical methodology with a contemporary philosophy and includes competencies to build the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for beginning an international culinary career. Students will be exposed to a cross-cultural spirit and international culinary techniques.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Career Path
This program could lead you to global culinary management positions such as:

  • Chef Patron
  • Executive Chef
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Restaurant Manager

*see Career Notes