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Whether you dream about becoming a chef, a food caterer or running your own restaurant,  CIA’s world-class training gives you the edge with our exceptional training facilities, highly experienced staff, and strong links to industry.

Course Catalogue 2011-2012

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CIA Courses
Course Code National Accreditation Course / Qualification Title /Requisites Location per class Intakes / Schedule Duration / Contact Hours
*Tuition Fee (PHP)
Internship / Externship
INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM : A Full Academic Partnership with GASTRONOMICOM International Culinary Academy in France
DFG GASTRONOMICOM French Dual Diploma Program

  • Diplôme de la Gastronomie Française (Diploma in French Gastronomy)
  • Diplôme en Langue Française(Diploma in French Languange)
  • European Hotel Externship Certificate
Cap d’Agde France 16 November
M to F
12 mos
3 mos Preparatory (CIA)
3 mos Intensive (France)
6 mos Internship, Paid (Europe)
550,000 6 mos
Internship, Paid (Europe)
DCA TESDA-NC4 TESDA-NC2 Diploma in Culinary & Kitchen Administration

  • TESDA National Certificate Level IV in Commercial Cooking
  • TESDA National Certificate Level II in Baking & Pastry Arts
  • TESDA National Certificate Level II in Food & Beverage Service
  • ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate
  • REDCROSS First-Aid Responder Certificate
  • Optional 12 mos paid U.S. Internship
CIA 16 January, July
14 months
(7 terms)
295,000 192 hrs Internship (local)
192 hrs Externship (local)
12 mos Internship, Paid (USA, optional)
FPC TESDA-NC2 Certificate in the Fundamentals of Professional Cooking

  • TESDA Certificate of Competency NC2 in Commercial Cooking
  • Optional Hotel Immersion Program
CIA 20 Feb, Apr,
Jun, Aug,
Oct, Dec
Th, F, Sat
8 Weeks
(24 Sessions)
44,995 3 mos Externship (local, optional)
SERVSAFE Food Safety Training & Certification Exams
SERVSAFE® Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate CIA 20 contact us
16 hrs 8,500 n/a