Admission Policies and Procedures


There is one VITAL requirement is required from each student, that is  the passion deep within the learner. Whether it be for a Certificate, a Diploma, or  an International Study program, the passion that drives a student to learn is all we need to guarantee that you will make the most of your culinary experience at The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat.

Non-Discrimination Clause

The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat admits students without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, age, disability, or any other factor prohibited by law.

General Admissions Policy

Students should apply for admission as soon as possible in order to be accepted for a specific program and start date. All applicants are required to complete a personal interview with an admissions representative, either in person or by telephone, depending upon the distance from the school. Parents and/or significant others are encouraged to attend.

This gives applicants and their families an opportunity to see and learn about the school’s equipment and facilities and to ask questions relating to the school’s curriculum and career objectives. Personal interviews also enable school administrators to determine whether an applicant is a strong candidate for enrollment into the program.

Entry Requirements

  1. At least 18 years of age;
  2. Fully accomplished registration form and down payment
  3. Possess at least high school diploma or College credentials or recognized equivalent. A copy of this documentation must be provided by the start date.
  4. Payment of application fee (full) or down payment (non-refundable unless applicant is denied admission or cancels application within three days of the school’s receipt of the application and fee)
  5. Interview with an admissions representative
  6. Complete Student Disclosure Form

For Certificate Program

Submit only the following:
  1. Fully accomplished registration form and full/down payment.

For Diploma Program

In addition to the entry requirements above, each applicant must:

  1. Present a Curriculum vitae with Application letter addressed to the school director;
  2. Execute all enrollment documents including the Application form and Enrollment Agreement (if applicant is under 18 years of age, the Enrollment Agreement must also be signed by a parent or guardian)
  3. Provide an up-to-date Medical examination report (not more than 2 months);

For Gastronomicom

For French Dual Diploma Program:
Entry requirements plus Diploma requirements, and each applicant must:
  1. Upon application, place a down payment of equivalent to 50% of the total tuition fee as a sincere commitment before French visa processing begins.
  2. Possess a French Student Visa (With a processing fee of  P4,800 to be processed by the Institute 3 weeks before the commencement of the program). In the event of a denied visa, 50% of the processing fee is refundable.

Non-Acceptance Clause

The school reserves the right to reject applicants if the items listed above are not successfully completed.