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A. The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat offers Certificate and Diploma programs with tracks covering both Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry. The Institute also offers an international study program, Gastronomicom, where one can have the rare opportunity to travel, study & work in France.

CIA offers certificate programs in 3 various tracks covering the following:

* Certificate Program
These programs present the fundamental aspects of commercial professional cooking. In these programs, students are immersed in a series of lectures and hands-on laboratory classes to equip the learner with essential skills and knowledge needed to progress to a higher level of learning.

* Diploma Program
As a 7-term, 14-month professional course, this program is packed with unique culinary and management subjects that will definitely stand-out among the rest. Our exceptional standards will undoubtedly equip learners with only the best education comparable to no less than a US culinary education at a fraction of the cost. The curriculum of these programs is rich with vital career oriented information that employs teaching methodologies grounded on learner-centered principles. Here students are assessed and graded for individual and group work accomplishments for both written and laboratory examinations.

* International Study Program
This is a comprehensive course designed specifically for those students with aspirations of running their own business or continuing with further study. Students will be exposed to a cross-cultural spirit and international culinary techniques including gastronomy, hospitality English writing & public speaking, mastery of French culture & language  and kitchen management and logistics for the food service industry. This course will help you to become employable anywhere in the world with the opportunity to move into management positions.

Both our Certificate and Diploma programs were designed with an 80/20 ratio of hands-on practical student work (80%) and theoretical lectures (20%) Recreational programs were designed with a unique blend of both professional demonstrations and actual student participation.

For our international study program, please go to the Gastronomicom primer.

An updated course description can be found here.

CIA’s core faculty is comprised of distinguished chefs and hospitality experts who are industry practitioners equipped with a minimum of six years of professional experience in management levels. Our teams are composed of Hot Kitchen Chefs, Cold Kitchen Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Wine Sommeliers, Master Mixologists, and Hotel Experts who have been professionally trained in some of the most prestigious institutions both here and abroad.

For Certificate, Diploma and the International Study program, please refer to our admissions page.

The minimum age limit for most of our courses under the Certificate and Diploma tracks is 16 years old (Unless specified, i.e. summer kids culinary classes for ages 7 and above, and the likes).

Take a moment to read the rest of our admission requirements on our Admission & Policies page.

Yes, however not all certificates are the same. The Fundamentals of Professional Cooking (FPC) program has 3 types of certificates. These are the Certificates of Participation, Certificate of Satisfactory Completion, and Certificate of Excellence. The Certificate of Excellence is the highest level of certification a student can attain. The certificate a student acquires depends on his or her overall grade point average (GPA).

No school can guarantee a student job placement. However, the Institute provides students with an IEA program or Immediate Employment Assistance program to help them secure stable local and international jobs.

The Culinary Institute of Aristocrat is in partnership with two global recruitment firms namely CHESHAM recruitment and CTI group Asia Limited. These recruitment firms handle both international land and ship-board employment in seven-star luxury hotels and five-star rated cruise ships. If a student passes the employment evaluation in a Certificate or Diploma program, the Institute can immediately endorse the student for immediate employment assessment. The student may still go through standard employment procedures but with significant exemptions for being a graduate of our school.

More information can be found on the immediate employment assessment page.

Yes, For Certificate programs, 50% of the total tuition fee is required before the start of the class. The student may avail of the progressive billing program for the remaining balance. The Institute will bill the student in equal installments throughout the duration of the course. For Diploma programs, a down payment of Php 75,000.00 is required upon acceptance. The balance can be payable in 6 equal monthly installments.

More information can be found on the Schedules and Fees page.

Yes, CIA is professionally recognized by some of the most prestigious culinary organizations in the U.S.A., including the International Organization of Culinary Professionals, The World Association of Chef’s Societies, The National Restaurant Association, and The American Culinary Federation to name a few.

Find out more on our partners & global affiliations page.