Ericson A. Orpina/FPC 8, Commis 1, Celebration Hotel Florida, USA

The Culinary Institute of Aristocrats’ Immediate Employment Assistance Program is really an asset to the company. It is because of this program that I now hold this entry level position at one of Florida’s most prestigious hotels. The school really changed my life for the better. From the time I graduated, I was immediately endorsed to one of their partner recruitment firms and soon everything fell into place. My enrollment in the Fundamentals of Professional Cooking program was more than worth it! And best of all, the school and their partner firm never charged me a single cent for the job placement! Thank you Culinary Institute of Aristocrat!


Ericson A. Orpina
Fundamentals of Professional Cooking Batch 8
Commis 1
Celebration Hotel, Orlando Florida, USA

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